Actor portraying Lance Armstrong has to use steroids

Ben Foster - using anabolic steroidsLance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France champion, has been an object of a relatively recent doping scandal, when a series of tests indicated that the sportsman was in fact using performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Of course, the results of these tests drastically changed the sportsman’s career, but could not wipe out his name from the Hall of Fame. In fact, people are still writing books about the guy and how dedicated and determined he really is. Furthermore, they are shooting a movie about him – a biopic that is loosely based on the books and Armstrong’s biography. This is where things get really intriguing.

First of all, fun fact – the actor, who is going to portray Armstrong on screen has not other choice but to use steroids in order to look and feel authentic on screen. Indeed, Ben Foster in one of his interviews admitted that he is going to use steroids, since it is the only way he could ever portray Lance Armstrong in a motion picture. At first, it makes sense – after all, ben is not a professional sportsman, he is not a professional cyclist, who is training day and night – he is an actor, who is going to perform and wishes to give the best performs possible. Foster does not want to disappoint anyone – not his fans and nor fans of Lance Armstrong, who are going to watch the movie.

Nevertheless, does it make it ok to use steroids? Is it not strange that the actor is so openly talking about steroid usage? After all, so many anti-doping organizations are fighting against PEDs in sports and the guy simply admits that portraying one of the most popular cyclist is impossible without a little enhancement.

Ben Foster - 59th Berlin Film Festival Award Winners

In truth, this says a lot about Armstrong as well. Using steroids and PEDs, he has managed to go beyond simple limitations and achieved absolutely unbelievable results. If a person wishes to come nearly as close to perfection on screen, he will be pretty much forced to use the same steroids too.

One way or the other, the results of such an approach will be quite interesting to watch. The movie is probably going to be a hit, since the subject is still hot and, as it turns out, made Armstrong even more popular in some ways. We’ll see how moviemakers will handle the topic soon.


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