Lack of effective anti-doping solutions


Steroids and various performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) are banned from being used in any professional sporting activities. The modern society actively demonizes steroids usage in sports as well as in day to day living. Various anti-doping associations often release numerous statements declaring that they are prepared for a massive anti-doping campaign, which will finally put a definitive end to the PED usage in sports.

However, in truth, the matter is not as simple as that. No matter how many tests and researches those associations may conduct, there is always a big chance that the doping is not going to be spotted in one’s system. There are no definitive measures that would prove to be 100% useful in fighting steroid users. Some sportsmen have managed to cheat the system for many years, using performance enhancing drugs on regular basis without being caught.

Still, although their methods are not too effective, it does not stop the anti-doping associations from coming up with some genuinely ridiculous measures that are meant to stop steroid usage.


For instance, one of the more recent initiatives involves collecting the largest repository of urine samples from thousands of sportsmen all over the nation. Indeed, anti-PED authorities intend to follow the sportsmen’s every step, collecting urine samples on a regular basis and testing them for doping. The initiative, although presented as the most efficient and highly developed to date, is in fact a poorly designed one.

First of all, let us not forget that storing that much urine may prove to be genuinely problematic. Urine itself is a sterile substance, but it is easily and quickly contaminated after being released from the human body. This means that there will have to be a special storage, where specially trained experts will need to handle all the urine samples, compare them and check for any suspicious substances.


Of course, we also stand against doping usage in professional sports, but let us face it – the system is obsolete and something new needs to be created. We are not evolving in the fight against PEDs and some of the ideas are actually holding us back. A new and more effective approach to anti-doping should be developed and this must be the primary goal of various anti-steroid organizations. Controlling the usage of PEDs is important, but not through the old methods – only consequent progress may do the trick properly.


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