Demonizing steroid use – does it really help


It is no secret that the media is always very much eager to battle against steroid users, starting genuine crusades against the anabolic drugs and performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Every now and then we read in the papers, online or see on TV that yet another steroid using athlete was disgraced by WADA or a similar association. Thing is, the media is way too enthusiastic when it comes to demonizing steroids and, at times, their efforts lead to a totally opposite effect.

With that said, more and more researches and professional sportsmen these days are think progressively and are open-minded. Most of them understand that archaic wars and crusades against the steroids do not help and only make steroid users delve even deeper underground. However, this is not the only disservice that results from aggressive media – the fact is that steroids are not as dangerous for one’s health and wellbeing as you may think they are.

That is right – recent studies utterly destroyed the notions that were dominating the industry during the past decades. Some of the known steroid effects are actually not caused by the anabolic drugs or PEDs.


One of the common opinions declares that most steroids cause quick hair loss. In reality, only the people, who were predisposed to quick hair loss, will feel that effect and steroids have practically nothing to do with that. Yet another opinion declares that steroids and PEDs cause cardiovascular problems and this is also an inaccurate statement to say the least. There are no known cases when steroids were the cause of cardiovascular issues. Only people, who are already suffering from certain conditions may be experiencing such effects, but steroids on their own do not represent this kind of danger.

Finally, the most common and popular opinion reminds us of the erectile dysfunctions that is caused by the steroids. However, steroid users can avoid this side effects by taking proper medication along with their drugs and some of side effects are completely reversible.


One way or the other, it is very clear that steroids are far from being as detrimental to your health and wellbeing and it is only in the media’s interests to demonize them on every possible occasion. However, the real problem is that people do not get all the right information and therefore are misled by the media’s efforts to turn steroids into a dangerous enemy.


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