Steroid users and confused doctors

confused-doctorThanks to the media’s efforts, modern society is very well used to thinking of anabolic steroids as of something truly diabolical and life threatening. People demonize steroids and steroid users on a regular basis. Furthermore, if you can forgive the individuals, who have little to none knowledge about the actual steroids, their side effects and their benefits, it is rather difficult to understand experienced as well as genuinely qualified healthcare professionals, who are 100% certain that steroids are pure evil.

With that said, very few people know about the simple fact that steroid side effects can be treated properly and effectively. The steroid users just need to know what kind of remedies to use in order to suppress all the negative influence of steroids. Naturally, a healthcare professional must monitor steroid users and provide them with feedback and proper recommendations that will help them avoid the worse side effects.


Well, believe it or not, some healthcare professionals, who have numerous degrees and who are used to dealing with all sorts of diseases, illnesses and conditions, simply refuse to help steroid users whatsoever. Some will say that it is outrageous, but you know what is really disturbing – the simple fact that some doctors not only refuse to help steroid users, but insist that these people need to go through the rehab, meaning that they are nothing more than simple drug addicts.

The notion is absurd and cannot be taken seriously by the individuals who have the very least idea about anabolic steroids, their use and their effects. Yet, some esteemed and respected healthcare professional literally embark on holy crusades against steroid users and do their very best to prove that steroids are causing an addiction.


This is one of the many examples of how the modern society works. Healthcare experts are more interested in loud words and false statements that can be declared from the screen or written in a magazine instead of really helping. The harm from steroids can be treated properly and there are certain ways to avoid the most severe side effects and people, who are in need of qualified assistance should get it. Doctor swore an oath to help those in need and some of them quickly forget about it once there is even a chance to increase their public ratings. Of course, the media is also to blame here. Fighting against steroids is much more convenient and straightforward than helping people indeed.


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