Everyone in sports is using steroids, how about that?

Everyone in sports is using steroids 1Although various organizations, such as WADA and the like claim to invest a ton of efforts into fighting against anabolic steroids and their users, there is an interesting opinion, which baldly claims that everyone in professional sports is using anabolic steroids.

Despite the fact that the notion may appear to be Ludacris at first, it is still worth mentioning. Just think about it – some of the sportsmen perform things that look and feel like something absolutely impossible. Of course, you can always say that human nature is still not entirely explored and there are pretty much no limits, but can you not believe in a more prosaic explanation?

Everyone in sports is using steroids 3

Take bodybuilding for example. First of all, let us admit it – you will never ever be able to get into a shape that is even remotely similar to the one you see in men’s magazines. These guys and their muscles are all built from steroids and anabolic drugs and there is absolutely no arguing with it. You can train very hard 10 times per week, you can eat as much food as you can and you can lift humongous weight and you will still be unable to reach such a condition. Steroids and various supplements, on the other hand, do the trick nicely, so pretty much every bodybuilding champion out there is using steroids one way or the other.

As for other sporting activities, just remember Lance Armstrong and his incredible records. The guy was pretty much unstoppable until that one time that he was caught using PEDs. Doping helped Armstrong win and he used this advantage in full. However, can you say that every single opponent of this cyclist was completely clean? There are many ways to avoid detection and many sportsmen know it perfectly well. Not everyone will admit it, but in order to reach such potential, you will need to get a certain push and there is absolutely nothing better than anabolic steroids.

Everyone in sports is using steroids 2

Of course, the opinion is still very controversial and there are still those, who can reach great results without any stimulation. Nevertheless, some sportsmen perform unbelievable things and they make you wonder – how did that guy manage to do this?

One way or the other, WADA and the like continue their crusade against doping and maybe some day we will be able to tell, who was actually cheating.


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