Shawn Rodden and the Olympia 2018

Back in 2016 Shawn Rodden managed to take on the second place during the Olympia 2016. It really was a very promising result, so the next year people were eager to see if the athlete will be capable of beating his own score and reaching the top. Unfortunately, last year Shawn Rodden fell a bit short and did not manage to enhance his success and to boost his ratings. However, people who doubted him this year were largely surprised when he used his defeat as additional motivation and reached to the top of the ratings, winning Olympia 2018 and even succeeding the long-time champion Phil heath.

In fact, the moment that Shawn Rodden won the Olympia, he instantly posted a very touching as well as genuinely inspirational thing online. He started by saying that he had nothing to lose and this gave him even more strength. He emphasizes that you should never quit your desires and aspirations and simply work hard, despite anything others have to say about it. Furthermore, he thanked people who never doubted him and even those who did – they all gave him more strength and will-power to make it through and to make the most from his victory.

Well, now that he managed to win the Olympia 2018 after finishing 5th last year, it is safe to say that his fans, especially the new ones, will be eager to learn a bit more about his life and career that brought him so high up and allowed him to succeed in such an incredible ordeal indeed.

Shawn Rhoden was born on April 2, 1975. He is a Jamaican-American IFBB qualified bodybuilder. This year, during the Olympia 2018, he managed to defeat one of the most successful bodybuilders of all time – Phil Heath. Furthermore, you should also note that Rhoden is the oldest bodybuilder to win the title. He conquered the podium at the age of 43 years, which is an incredibly inspiring result indeed.

Rhoden was born in Kingston, but later one immigrate to the US. After his father passed away, Rhoden was actually going through the period of alcohol addiction. However, he managed to overcome this unhealthy habit with thanks to his friend Lenore Carroll.

During his early teen years, Rhoden was a successful soccer player, but decide to start bodybuilding back in 1992. His true inspiration was the former Mr. Universe Yohnnie Shambourger. After his soccer career did not hit, with a couple of pretty serious injuries as well as the alcohol addiction, Rhoden nevertheless managed to win his IFBB Pro card and this took place back in 2018. During the Olympia 2011, his first stage debut, he was the 11th. Then, later on, in 2012 he took the 3rd place and he was the 4th during the 2013 competition. He consequently took on the 3rd place in 2014 and 2015 and only in 2016 managed to improve his results with the second place. Now, during the Olympia 2018, he was able to become the new Mr. Olympia and even succeed the former unbeatable champion – Phil Heath.

Sure enough, Heath did not lose the crown – it is not just as simple as that. It is important to understand that Rhoden was working hard and climbing that ladder during his entire career. And, even though the vast majority of predictions were against him, it is still safe to say that it was the right time for the athlete and the right place to get to a new level and to benefit from added preparations in full.

Rhoden’s credo is incredibly simple – you just keep on working and never think about what others may tell you. Just stick with the job you do, self-improvement and it will eventually pay off in the greatest manner possible.

Shawn Rhoden and his example are clearly demonstrating just how amazing a man can be in his determination to become something greater, to turn his entire existence around in order to experience the larger than life effect through hard work indeed.

Hence, regardless of your predictions and how exactly you may have felt about Rhoden winning, especially against a titan like Heath, just know that this is all the result of hard work – day to day craving for something more substantial indeed.

His example goes to show that if you work hard and want something really bad, there is always a chance that you will get it – you just need to forget about all the doubts and how you are unwilling to try because others do not believe in you.

Hopefully, the given article was not merely informative, but also inspirational, so, odds are, you will want something more as well and will proceed to that path with little to no doubts as well.

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