Dianabol (Dbol) Cycle – Results Before and After

Despite the fact that Dianabol is available as an injection, in most of the cases it is being used as an oral substance. The steroid comes in the form of small pills. The dbol cycle does feature a somewhat short half life and this does imply that, in order to make the most from the drug, you will have to take it several times during the day. You will have no trouble splitting the dose, as the tablets are handy to use and, in order to minimize the possible stomach upset, it is also quite important to take Dianabol with the meals.

On the other hand, there is the other side of the internet, claiming that it is best to use the steroid right before the proper workout. That way, presumably, the performance during the workout will rocket sky high and the concentration of the steroid in the blood will increase greatly. Even though it may sound great, one must also remember that it may have a pretty negative impact on the liver. However, this does not stop the numerous experienced Dianabol users, who wish to see the dianabol results quicker. Nevertheless, for the beginners and generally speaking, it would be wiser to split the intake into several times.

While the dbol only cycle could be somewhat beneficial, the more experienced Dianabol users are mixing the steroid with the other solutions in order to gain the additional mass. Nevertheless, it is also known that most of the beginners prefer to start their venture into the world of steroids with Dianabol. This is because of the fact that even on its own the steroid will deliver massive muscles and you do not need to inject it as it comes in the form of oral pills.

When it comes to the dbol cycle dosage, one must also remember that the steroid is hepatoxic, so managing and adjusting the dosage accordingly is very important as well. The duration of the cycle should not surpass certain limits as well, otherwise you risk damaging the liver. So consuming alcohol or any other hepatoxic substances during the intake will also prove to be unwanted, to say the least.

The different androgenic side effects can be quite possible when taking the Dianabol cycle too, so acne along with the oily skin, the overall aggressive behavior and even baldness can all be part of the dbol cycle. In most of the cases, however, these effects largely depend on the type of the user and how prone that very same user is to those effects to begin with. For instance, if you are prone to the acne, you should expect that the steroid will cause a genuine outbreak!

Estrogen increase is also a very viable possibility when it comes to Dianabol. Hence, you will need aromatase inhibitors, such as Tamoxifen and Arimidex kept handy in case things will go sideways – that way you will be able to avoid gynecomastia. This is the formation of female breast tissue – itchy and sore nipples are the first indication that you may have missed the spot.

The steroid is retaining a whole lot of water, so you may lose plenty of weight on your first weeks after the cycle. This is because of the water retention, so do not be alarmed. While water retention does make you look bloated, it also helps in the gym by increasing your strength as well as performance and the water will go away once you are done with the steroid.

As with all of the steroids that are described here, one must keep in mind that the drug is not as detrimental as the media wants you to think. This just means that you will need to adhere to the proper diet, make the most from your training regime and, of course, perform the proper PCT all the time. Furthermore, do not forget that before using any kind of steroids, it is very important to get consulted by a healthcare expert. All people are unique and different, which is why the dosage and the mode of administration differ as well. And while Dianabol is an oral steroid, it does not make it all that safe, so if you are looking to avoid the possible side effects, make sure you do thing right.

However, if it is your first steroid and you are doing it properly, you will soon be able to see the great results. You will increase your muscle tissues, your strength and your endurance and will be able to gain even more within the least amount of time possible. So, if you are not certain how to begin, get more knowledge about the dosage and try Dianabol – you do not need to inject it, which makes it all that much safer to begin with.

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