How to use testosterone enanthate?

Also referred to as testosterone heptanoate, it is considered to be an androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) drug. It is used mainly for lost testosterone level treatment. Anabolic drugs are said to work by developing muscles. Androgenic is said to refer to male sex characteristic enhancement.

Since 1950’s, testosterone enanthate is being used for medical procedures and marketed various brand names. It includes Cernos, Andropository, Androfil, DElatestryl, Durathate, Depandro, Everone, Testanon, Sustrone, Testrin, Testanova, Testostroval, Testro and Testoviron. Termed as Schedule III drug, this medication can be purchased only through prescriptions. World Anti-Doping Agency has classified it as prohibited substance.

Some indications

It  is stated to be an AAS. This is because, the medication is both testosterone pro-drug, which means on taking it, the body is able to stimulate testosterone by itself and it is also synthetic testosterone derivative. With this being said, the medication does have moderate side effects and powerful androgenic effects.

Suitability and benefits

Men experiencing hypogonadism (reduced testosterone production in testes) can find this drug suitable for undertaking TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). Hypogonadism causes may include testicular cancer, infection and injury. It may also be caused due to chemotherapy and radiation. Congenital disorders like pituitary gland and hypothalamus (with both stimulating testosterone production as well as Klinefelter Syndrome may cause congenital disorders.

After the man crosses 50 year of age, the testosterone levels in his body tends to decline very steeply, thus leading to andropause, a specific condition, where sexual desire and vigor are both affected. Older men with andropause symptoms like low libido and fatigue can benefit immensely from TRT.

Transgender men may use test enanthate for hormone therapy, for providing delayed puberty treatment faced by boys, to manage the otherwise inoperable meta-static breast cancer (which has spread) among postmenopausal women and to provide relief to menopause symptoms. At times, the drug is said to be used but controversially among older men in the form of anti-aging therapy.

Test enanthate dosage

This medication can be stated to be a yellowish or clear vicious fluid that is supplied within 5mL (milliliter) multi-purpose glass vial. The medication is to be injected intramuscularly in the buttock region every 1-4 weeks. For avoiding fluctuating hormone levels, as well as the related mood swings, there is prescribed lower dosages in short intervals.

Active drug suspended within sesame oil comes with sustained release period of about 2-3 weeks. However, dosage is likely to vary between individuals. Typically, it is prescribed in the following ways:

  • Transgender hormone therapy: Per week about 50-200mg or every two weeks by about 100-200mg.
  • Metastatic breast cancer: For every 2-4 weeks, 200-400mg.
  • Delayed male puberty: For every 2-4 weeks spanning 4-6 months, 5-200mg.
  • Male hypogonadism: For every 2-4 weeks, 50-400mg.

At times, this medication is used with depo testosterone (testosterone cypionate) interchangeably. However, the latter is stated not to be recommended for treating metastatic breast cancer, delayed male puberty or transgender hormone therapy.

Test enanthate side effects

This medication is being used as a substance to alter the levels of hormone and comes with its own risks and benefits to derive.

Side effects emerging from its intake might range from intolerable to mild ones. Serious ones are considered to be related to testosterone abuse, which is fast becoming an increasing issue in the US as well as other parts of the globe. Thus, the FDA was compelled to label it with a warning in 2016.

Some enanthate side effects

Some of the common side effects according to FDA related to usage of testosterone enanthate may include the following:

  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Injection site swelling and pain
  • Decreased or increased libido
  • Weight gain
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Mood changes and aggression
  • Thinning hair
  • Acne and oily skin
  • Generalized tingling sensations

However, severity of the side effects of this medication is considered to be typically dosage dependent. Reducing current dosage can help alleviate it.

Positive effects to boost testosterone level

Know the adverse reactions

The side effects that are related with overuse or long term usage of testosterone enanthate are less commonly seen, but much more potentially serious. Few are related to androgenic drug effects, while the others may affect the liver and heart by elevating liver enzyme and cholesterol levels. If the following problems are experienced, then the doctor needs to be contacted immediately:

  • Women experiencing deepening voice
  • Gynecomastia (male breast enlargement)
  • Hirsutism (male pattern hair development among women)
  • Male pattern hair loss
  • Clitoral enlargement
  • Menstrual irregularities including amenorrhea
  • Some severe psychiatric symptoms like psychosis, paranoia or major depression
  • Priapism (prolonged painful erections faced in men)
  • Men experiencing frequent or difficulty in urination at night

Androgenic effects taking place in women like deepening of voice and clitoral enlargement are stated to be irreversible if they develop. Male fertility might be impaired due to oligospermia (low sperm).

Testosterone if used excessively will only increase risk of facing stroke, heart attack, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and congestive heart failure, more in men than women. Even there may occur severe liver injury that is characterized by symptoms like abdominal pain, fatigue, dark urine, vomiting, nausea, jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes).

Test enanthate cycle (Interactions)

Certain drugs are present which may interact along with testosterone enanthate. Few might require to be dose adjusted or substituted. Other androgenic therapy forms could be explored and may include lower dosage testosterone patches.

Potential drug-drug interactions are:

  • Diabetes drug dosage might be required to get adjusted, since testosterone might reduce both insulin and blood sugar requirements.
  • Anticoagulants (blood thinners) type warfarin tends to have enhanced drug activity if used along with testosterone. It increases bleeding risks.
  • Testosterone and Corticosteroids can be used, but with great caution by those suffering from liver, kidney or heart disease. Combined usage might increase congestive heart failure risk and boost edema (fluid retention).

Some contraindications

Test ethanate results are not found positive in few circumstances. It includes testosterone usage among women with untreated breast cancer or that pregnant and untreated prostate cancer in men. If allergic to any of the drug’s ingredient or sesame oil, then this medication is better avoided.

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