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Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is naturally produced inside of the body. For men, it is responsible for their sex drive, bodily hair growth, and muscle growth. Most men could care less about the hair growth but they do love having a high sex drive and massive muscle growth. The higher your testosterone levels are, the bigger your libido will be and the easier it will be to build muscle mass. It will even keep your bones strong too.

Men have ten times more testosterone in their bodies than women. That is why women do not grow facial hair or have big muscles like men do. But after a man reaches 30 years of age, their adrenal glands produce less testosterone in their body. This results in a weakened libido, erectile dysfunction, and the inability to grow muscle mass as big as they could when they were in their 20s. The older they get, the lower their testosterone level reaches.

Fortunately, there are testosterone supplements out there which can serve one of two purposes. For those with low testosterone, they can take these supplements to naturally boost their testosterone back to normal levels again. There are plenty of over-the-counter testosterone supplements like “ZMA” which provide your body with the right nutrients to help it produce more testosterone while you sleep at night.

There are also testosterone medication prescriptions which are regulated by a doctor. You might want to consider getting a prescription if you’re dangerously low on testosterone because your doctor can calculate the exact dosage you need to increase your testosterone back to a normal level. Otherwise, you might end up taking too much testosterone and then give yourself a heart attack or stroke from it.

Bodybuilders and athletes have a tendency of injecting synthetic testosterone right into their muscles. These types of steroids are illegal and can cause heart disease, breast enlargement, aggressive behavior, and other unwanted side effects. If you want to stay healthy, stick with the supplement brands which help your body naturally produce testosterone.

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Sustanon cycle in bodybuilding – Results and Effects

What will the sustanon results give you in the first place? Are you going to look like Marvel’s superhero in a couple of days? Well, not really – you won’t. So what exactly are the sustanon effects – is it as powerful as some people say? Of course, there are those who already know the answer – for everyone else, though, it won’t be enough to check out a couple of photos on Instagram. Hence, it would be nice to get everything straight – all the info you need.

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Testosterone Usage in Bodybuilding and Hair Loss

Sooner or later just about every single gym goer is going to start to realize that his gym productivity is either slowing down or getting to a point when you will need something extra in order to boost things up a bit. And it really is no secret that the higher your testosterone levels are, the more you will be able to lift and the leaner you will get. Which is why a ton of steroids and most of them, to be entirely honest, are meddling with your testosterone levels in one way or the other, which does come at a price. We are all quite aware of what the given thing may cause and what kind of side effects could really arise. Yet, there is also one side effect that people still are not quite sure about. And this is about the hair loss.

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Andriol Testocaps in Bodybuilding – Uses, Side Effects and Benefits

No doubt, in case that you are an avid gym goer, you already know that once you reach a certain limit, your body is going to need something extra in order to juice up and to move forward. Hence, this is where you will be left at the crossroads – either continue training and move towards your goal, one inch after the other or take another path and join the dark side. Needless to say, we are now talking about all kinds of anabolic steroids that are currently dominating the market. And, if you are going to approach the process careful enough, you are also going to be able to avoid some of the nasty side effects that the vast majority of steroids feature.

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Testosterone and its importance for bodybuilders

When it comes to bodybuilding, it would really be un  wise to think that you would be able to reach some impressive results like the guys from TV, without the help of steroids. That is right – steroids are pretty much irreplaceable and will actually prove to be absolutely invaluable if you wish to reap all the advantages of great muscle mass.

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Testosterone replacement therapy – its benefits and possible side effects

Testosterone is the main hormone that is behind the muscle building process. It is no secret that the higher your testosterone is, the greater is your physical strength, your lean muscles mass and, of course, your libido functions.

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Using Testosterone enanthate – dosage, cycle, side effects and results

If you are already a few steps above being a simple gym goer, odds are, you already know what you are going to try and reach next. It may be classic bodybuilding that values form over everything else or it may be powerlifting, which is relying more on strength and neglects the looks.

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