PED scandals and MMA fighters

mma.3Needless to say, mixed martial arts (MMA) is a very challenging sport that requires enormous amount of efforts as well as incredible physical training. MMA fighters need to train very hard and tirelessly in order to achieve desired results. Their training programs are very comprehensive and active, they do not rest a lot and work every day in order to succeed during the tournament.


With that said, even the most skillful as well as well-trained MMA fighter will have a very difficult time trying to defeat an opponent, who has been using PEDs (Performance Enhancing Drugs). Doping can provide the fighter with enough strength and energy to overcome just about any opponent. Doping will allow him to forget about pain and the wounds and to come out victorious without putting too much efforts into the fight.

Sure enough, the usage of PEDs is prohibited during the tournament and the fighters, who will neglect this rule, risk being disqualified and paying expensive fines.
Nevertheless, even some harsh restrictions do not stop some notorious fighters. Doping scandals of 2013 and 2014 shattered the MMA sport and its integrity.

However, doping scandals are nothing new for the MMA league. Take Royce Gracie for example. After his controversial victory in his fight against Shakuraba, the fighter was tested for doping. The test results were absolutely extraordinary. Gracie had 25 times more nandrolone in his system than any normal human being. Furthermore, the fighter reacted very aggressively to his test results and did not want to confess till the very end.

mma.2Vitor Belfort is yet another famous MMA fighter, who could not resist and went against the MMA rules. In 2014 Vitor tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone. His excuse was absolutely ridiculous – he claimed that his personal doctor now moved to Brazil and provided Vitor with excessive quantities of testosterone just in case.

Chael Sonnen has managed to test testosterone positive twice in only two weeks. Instead of apologizing for his behavior, for cheating and being deceitful, he began to accuse the league, because it cares for the fighter’s health more than for the actual fights. Of course, his disgraceful behavior got him fired and forced the fighter to quit the league for good.

In the end, the fighters’ desire to be the best by any means necessary may be understandable, but some things are far more important – the spirit of fair competition and one’s health should not be affected by the PEDs.


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