Steroids for Female Bodybuilders


Looking at the ideal woman of the 21st Century, one can hardly name her insecure or passive – fighting for gender equality, ladies have finally achieved their goals, enjoying the same rights and opportunities as men across all life spheres. Politics, entertainment industry, business, sport – sex is no longer considered an obstacle for becoming something big, which is certainly the best part of feminism.

Empowering young girls all over the world, famous female politicians, music artists and sportswomen make a huge contribution, increasing the new generation’s self consciousness. Made of steel, modern women are strong enough to “bear the children and then get back to business”! Listening to Beyonce’s hit songs, one might mistakenly confuse her with a feminist, which she is not. Speaking about freedom and equality, most so-called avid feminists act like most average women, wearing f me pumps and tolerating their men’s infidelity. Where can you find a genuine feminist? You can easily see her, working out in a nearby gym!


Bodybuilding has never been that popular among women as it is today – shedding weight, growing muscles and transforming their bodies, these strong women inspire respect. Respect for their willpower and stubbornness as well as their willingness to take steroids – being a part of a professional female bodybuilder’s diet, these help achieve amazing sport results within a short period of time. Steroids have long been one of the most controversial topics, causing confrontation between natural beauties and the so-called beefy girls. “Which one would you prefer as a man”? – One would ask me and I would definitely opt for a natural, fit girl with nice abs and round buttocks. Can I name professional bodybuilders unattractive? Taking steroids and changing their bodies beyond recognition, they lose everything that makes a woman.


Here are some of the numerous irreversible steroids’ effects that steroid produce: male pattern hair-loss, voice changes, hairiness, menstrual disorders and finally – infertility. Risking their health, female bodybuilders put their personal lives in danger as well, reducing their chances to create a family to zero. Everyone would love to have a strong, beautiful body – modern women seem to be extremely persistent when it comes to bodybuilding, which is absolutely fantastic as long as they use whey protein and creatine to gain muscle mass. Choosing steroids, female bodybuilders step on a sleepery path to severe health problems and loss of femininity. Sharing is caring – distribute this information to help women make the right choice!


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