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Happy steroid users - Arnold SchwarzeneggerModern society has a very specific point of view when it comes to the usage of anabolic steroids. Most people deem it as something demonic that can easily ruin one’s life, destroy his health and wellbeing.

Of course, anabolic steroids have some pretty disturbing side effects and may have a certain impact on your life. In fact, if you are not careful, you can even turn into yet another victim of the anabolic substances.

However, has anyone though to ask the steroid users themselves how they really feel about using their favorite remedies? Well, according to one of the recent studies, the vast majority of men, who have decided to use anabolic steroids, are extremely happy with the results and do not regret their decision.

How is this possible? What about the side effects? What about the fertility issues? When it comes to discussing those problems, people, who were initially aware of all the issues that steroids may cause, knew the risks from the get go and have nothing to regret, since they have achieved desirable results and are not concerned with the arising problems.

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On the other hand, people, who were unhappy with the results, did not know what to expect from the very beginning – they had no idea that anabolic steroids may cause fertility problems and are now paying the price. Hence, it is safe to say that knowledgeable bodybuilders, who were informed about all the side effects of the steroids, are mostly happy with their choice and would probably choose steroids again if they had a chance to change things.

Therefore, even though the harm of the anabolic steroids is very obvious and may be disturbing for some individuals, one must not state that steroids cause only trouble and that all the steroid users regret trying them in the first place. Every man has a choice – if he choose to improve his physical appearance and to enhance his strength via the usage of steroids and knows the dangers, let him do it.

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The main problem here is that a lot of people are not really knowledgeable about the side effects of steroid usage. They do not know what kind of harm steroids may cause and therefore begin to use them without thinking about consequences. Instead of trying to ban steroids whatsoever, it would be wiser to tell people more about anabolic substances and their effects.


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