Throwing steroid using athletes in jail – can you imagine the consequences?


Although we are well used to the fact that anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs are often demonized by the media, some organization go even further in their attempts to put an end to steroid usage once and for all.

First off, it is important to understand that steroids are not as detrimental as the media makes them look. In fact, every steroid user has the chance to avoid certain side effects if he will keep the right dosage and will use the right medication at the

same time. On the other hand, using steroids and PEDs in sports is unfair to other athletes and sportsmen, who were preparing for the competitions without using any additional drugs. Nevertheless, this does not really justify the recent statement of one of the esteemed WADA members, who suggested that steroid using athletes should be sentenced to jail.


According to this speaker, the existing measures do not work, since steroid users simply lose the right to compete in their sports for a couple of years or so. He thinks that jail sentence is a much more stimulating punishment that will eventually pay off greatly.

Although some WADA members found this statement fair and wise, let us deep a little bit deeper. First of all, WADA has no right to send people in jail – this is the prerogative of the government and the law enforcement authorities. This means that in case QADA will insist on this measure and somehow will convince the government that the penalty is effective and fair, a plethora of laws will need to be altered. Special jails for sportsmen will need to be constructed and what criteria will decide that such punishment is suitable for the athlete. Millions if not billions of dollars will go to these jails, the money that tax payers will have to provide from their very own pockets.


Now you can see that the statement is nothing less than absurd and cannot be taken seriously. However, some WADA crusaders claim that this is the only way to stop people from using steroids. Still, if this the ultimate solution, it will probably do more damage than actual results. Of course, fair competition is very important in sports, but no one should go to jail just for breaking those rules and WADA representatives should focus on actual matters rather than antiutopian ideas.


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