Testosterone Usage in Bodybuilding and Hair Loss

Sooner or later just about every single gym goer is going to start to realize that his gym productivity is either slowing down or getting to a point when you will need something extra in order to boost things up a bit. And it really is no secret that the higher your testosterone levels are, the more you will be able to lift and the leaner you will get. Which is why a ton of steroids and most of them, to be entirely honest, are meddling with your testosterone levels in one way or the other, which does come at a price. We are all quite aware of what the given thing may cause and what kind of side effects could really arise. Yet, there is also one side effect that people still are not quite sure about. And this is about the hair loss.

With that said, it really is a little known fact, but Testosterone hairloss is a pretty common occurrence and plenty of professional bodybuilders are suffering because of it. See, the main cause of losing your hair is because of DHT. The higher the DHT levels in your body, the more severe hair loss you are going to experience. And, of course, seeing how testosterone is pretty much the most essential hormone in bodybuilding, professional athletes are constantly doing their best to boost its levels. They are using all sorts of different supplements, improve their lifting and, of course, use the different anabolic steroids to raise the hormone levels in an artificial way.

With the increased levels of DHT, your hair is going to become thinner and you will eventually turn out to be bald. While the simple supplements are not that risky in terms of hair loss, in case that you are genetically predisposed to losing your hair, you will want to stop and wonder if the muscle mass outweighs bald head.

On the other hand, though, quite often you could stumble upon rumors, which are claiming that bodybuilding on its own will cause baldness from the get go. Do not be fooled – it is nothing more than gossip and simply training at the gym, with no supplements or steroids will do you no harm. It is quite impossible to reach such increased testosterone levels by simply training and, in order to increase the DHT levels to their max, you will need to inject anabolic steroids – that much is certain indeed.

In addition, do not blame it all on testosterone alone – perhaps your hair is suffering because of lack of proper care. Perhaps you are even using the products that have too much chemical stuffed into them and, odds are, you will want to change this. Proper care, especially if you are aware of the genetic issues that you have, is just as essential as proper nutrition, so make sure that you invest into the right products that would allow you to actually combine their effects to make the most form your needs indeed.

Furthermore, even if you are experiencing testosterone hair loss bodybuilding, it would still be advisable to correct your nutrition plan. A healthy diet is not only key to feeling good – it is also great for helping you maintain better physical attributes, such as long and luscious hair. Sure enough, if you are a gym goer, you are already on a high protein diet. Well, make sure that you know your limits and do not overdue it. In fact, high protein levels are quite detrimental for your hair, which is why you will want to make sure that you are keeping it safe. Of course, you will need the proper vitamins as well as minerals to improve the overall hair health to begin with.

One way or the other, it would really be recommended for you to stay as far from testosterone as possible. And if the usual and standard supplements are not as detrimental, do believe that the steroids and their injections could really lead to some serious consequences. And not only in terms of hair loss. However, at least thing about the possibility of going all-out bald and consider if you need it in the first place.

Finally, if you are suffering from hair loss, make sure that you avoid any and all stress. Higher stress levels are detrimental for your hair, which is why it would be nice to use all of your free time to relax and to forget about the usual problems. Furthermore, simply working out at the gym could also lead to a certain stress alleviation, so make sure you do that as well.

In the end, hair loss is a very complex issue that does consist of many different layers, so you will need to carefully consider all factors in order to save your hair.

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