Full Guide for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) in Bodybuilding

A lot of men and women these days want to build their muscles effectively in order to maintain their fitness levels for a long time. There are several ways available for the bodybuilding process enabling people to get a perfect shape. However, many professional bodybuilders prefer using the steroids for getting quicker results. The primary advantage of a steroid is that it helps to gain extreme muscle growth with high success rates. However, it may cause several side effects on the body that needs special attention.

How steroids work on the muscles?

A steroid comes in injection form enabling a bodybuilder to increase the muscle mass to a large extent. It contributes more to induce hormone levels on the body thereby allowing a person to experience the desired outcomes. Another thing is that it gives ways for lowering breakdown of proteins efficiently to maintain the muscles in a better state. Moreover, the steroids provide ways for repairing muscles after completing a workout. They even help to stimulate the muscle growth by enhancing testosterone levels significantly to undergo major changes.

Most bodybuilders will take steroid injections once or twice per week depending on the needs which ultimately gives ways for augmenting the muscle mass accordingly. In fact, they will follow a cycle in the bodybuilding process for creating a perfect muscle building environment.

What is post-cycle therapy (PCT) in bodybuilding?

A post-cycle therapy, shortly known as PCT, is a common term used by the bodybuilders because it helps to restore the body conditions immediately to produce natural hormones again. One should learn more about the steps involved in the PCT bodybuilding which can help to grow the muscles without any difficulties. The therapy is an excellent choice for those who want to balance the diminishing levels of hormones efficiently.

Why is PCT needed for bodybuilding purposes?

The PCT is necessary for those who have finished a cycle of steroids allowing them to produce hormones quickly. This is because the hormones will stop functioning after finishing a cycle of steroids. In fact, it aims at enhancing a better environment by improving muscle tissue conditions. Furthermore, the therapy works well in testosterone production by addressing essential requirements. It is an important one to get information about the therapy from experts for overcoming unwanted issues.

It is a known fact that steroids can convert to estrogen on the body thereby showing ways for attaining a perfect shape. At the same time, there are certain types of protocols used in the therapy that can help for witnessing desired outcomes. Some of the advantages offered by the PCT post cycle therapy bodybuilding includes:

  • Regulates Cortisol levels
  • Helps to keep muscle gain intact
  • Improves the body functions

Getting more ideas about PCT protocols


Clomid is a type of selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) used in the PCT therapy that can influence the hormone levels. The drug is mainly meant for boosting fertility in women and inducing ovulation.

It is a suitable one for producing testosterone levels on the body to maintain the muscle mass in a perfect condition.  The best time to take clomid is about two weeks after choosing a steroid cycle. This, in turn, gives ways for clearing the synthetic testosterone levels from the body by addressing essential needs.

On the other hand, the drug may result in some side-effects and bodybuilders should aware of them in detail.


Nolvadex is another type of drug that is often used in conjunction with Clomid that can help to get the testosterone levels normally. Apart from that, it gives ways for suppressing the estrogen levels on the body which paves ways for obtaining optimal results. The drug results in some minimal side effects and the bodybuilders should take care while using the same.

It is advisable to take 40 mg a day for two weeks which paves ways for keeping health in a good condition. A bodybuilder should seek support from expert teams for knowing more about the dosage and other details.

Difference between a SARM and SERM drug

One should know the difference between Selective Androgen receptor modulator and (SARM) and selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM). This is because both are widely used in the PCT therapy that can help to improve health conditions.

The downside of SERM is that it takes more time for the hormone levels to return normally. As a result, some may take SARM for muscle growth purposes. It is available in oral forms avoiding the needle usage.

On the other hand, the SARMs don’t restore the testosterone levels naturally when compared to SERMs. A bodybuilder should take the drugs which exactly suits a lifestyle.

Factors that can affect post-cycle therapy

The bodybuilders should know the factors that can affect or deciding the post cycle therapy bodybuilding success rates. Some of them include:

Individual response

The response time of post-cycle may vary with one individual to another individual. Some may get the results immediately while other may feel more suppression after taking the drugs.

Anabolic steroid brand

Most anabolic steroids support the PCT therapy that can help to increase the muscle mass. At the same time, some of them suppress the hormone levels mildly and others are very active n nature.

Length of cycle

The anabolic steroids will block the functions of Leydig cells that can lead to several problems and one should focus more on the activating them as soon as possible.

Leaning more about PCT

PCT is a suitable one for those who want to establish their hormone levels after completing a steroid cycle. Anyone willing to learn more about the techniques should seek ideas from experts for meeting essential needs. A bodybuilder can perform the therapy for 8-10 weeks depending on the requirements that can restore testosterone levels efficiently. It is necessary to follow the tips properly before undergoing a therapy. Many stores offer supplement products for PCT at the best prices enabling bodybuilders to save more money. Besides that, they even show ways for gaining muscle mass with better results.

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