The role of testosterone in bodybuilding

The testosterone is one of the most vital hormones that plays a key role in the development of a body. The testosterone is responsible for strengthening bones, eliminating fat and even adding muscle to the human body. Apart from this the testosterone also plays a crucial role in various functions that are related to the mental as well as physical fitness.

The testosterone is basically a anabolic and androgenic hormone which is secreted by testes among men. Women also secrete some testosterone through their ovaries whereas some of the testosterone in women is secreted via adrenal glands. Testosterone is fundamentally a male hormone which is why the production of testosterone in men is about 40-60 percent higher in comparison to women. The muscle tissue in both men and women is similar however the testosterone contributes to bigger muscle size as well as strength in men.

The significance of testosterone in the bodybuilding process

One of the most well known facts about testosterone is that it plays a crucial role in the building of muscle and strength in a human body. However apart from that the testosterone is also responsible for other significant body composition advantages and benefits. Men with higher levels of testosterone are reported to experience more loss of body fat as well as improvement in the density of their bones. As people age it affects the density of their bones and thus ensuring the optimum levels of testosterone is a great way of maintaining the high bone density levels. The higher the density of the bones the stronger they become.

Testosterone is also responsible for inhibiting the consumption of the triglycerides, which is essentially the fat that circulates in the bloodstream and is responsible for increasing the utilization of the fat. Thus the testosterone helps in reducing the harmful fat levels in the body.

One of the most underrated benefits of the testosterone is the positive impact it has on the health of the heart. One of the recent studies that was published in a leading journal came to the conclusion that men with lower levels of testosterone were at a higher risk of cardiovascular mortality. It is important to maintain a healthy heart so that the muscles and the organs get the necessary oxygen at its optimum. Testosterone helps in increasing the manufacture of nitric oxide a type of molecule that is helpful in dilating the arteries which results in higher flow of blood and thus resulting in more oxygen being carried to the organs and tissues which need it most. The higher level of nitric oxide also translates into improved workouts, better sexual health as well as less recovery time post workouts.

The levels of testosterone also have an impact on the emotional state of a person. There are multiple studies that have concluded that higher levels of testosterone help in promoting the feeling of motivation and self-esteem.

If you want to check the testosterone levels in your body, then you can do it in a well-defined scientific manner. There are some clear signs and indicators that point to low levels of testosterone within your body. If you happen to experience any of these symptoms, then you must go ahead and get your testosterone levels tested. If you notice fatigue, low motivation, low levels of sexual drive or irritation then it is possible it is due to the falling of testosterone levels within your body. A simple and a straightforward blood test can help determine the cause of these symptoms. If it is indeed due to the low levels of testosterone, then there are various remedies and measure that you can take in order to boost the testosterone levels within your body.

Boosting the testosterone levels

If the tests determine that your testosterone levels are below the required standards, then the physician will prescribe some supplements and dietary recommendations in order to boost the testosterone levels within your body. Boosting testosterone levels can be achieved as simply by changing your diet and altering your workout.

In terms of workout you must give priority to the compound movements which recruits highest possible muscle mass. One of the leading weight lifting trainer suggests incorporating the different types of squats, rows, presses and deadlifts into your daily training program. It is also important to give proper attention to the duration of the workout time. The ideal time of workout is around 1 hour and you must give priority to the free weights instead of machines. The programs that involve high level of the muscle mass as well as which involve high intensity and volume training including short resting period. In terms of recovery a minimum of 7 hours of sleep is essential for optimum conditioning.

In terms of diet you must not ditch the dietary fat completely. The saturated fat plays a crucial role in maintaining the high levels of testosterone.

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