Human Growth Hormone – How to choose proper HGH dosage

People without experience with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) who want to improve their body are interested in choosing the right HGH dosage. In this article, you will learn which factors influence the dose of HGH and how you can tailor it to your needs.

Dosing factors of HGH

  • Current physical health and experience
  • Health status
  • Another drug you take
  • Body weight and fat percentage
  • Cycle duration and usage log
  • Financial possibilities


Although HGH has the same effects in each dose, its intensity is highly dependent on the amount of HGH it requires.

  • 2-3 IU: sufficient for anti-aging and to improve the skin, bones, and joints
  • 4-8 IU: The dose of HGH is sufficient to affect fat loss and increase muscle mass significantly.
  • 8-15 IU: They get good muscle gains, and they break off and become vascular.

These numbers are average, and the results, of course, depend on nutrition and training.

Experience and dosage of HGH

The results you get will depend on both your growth hormone experience and your bodybuilding experience and results. If you are taking HGH for the first time and your body is relatively “natural” and weak, it will require a lower dose, about 4-6 IU. And if you are an experienced man (I’m sure you know your dose of HGH), you need more: about 10 IU. The largest amount is required only for professional athletes.

How does the dosage of HGH depend on the duration of the cycle and the protocol?

Cycle time

The shorter your cycle, the more HGH you need. The optimal duration of the HGH cycle is 3-4 months, but it is possible to cut it and perform it only for 1-2 months, for example, on average. In this case, however, you need more growth hormone.

Short cycles (1-2 months) improve cartilage discomfort, heal joint injuries and improve skin conditions. Due to the cartilage, you can see a good increase in strength. Also, short cycles are useful for intense cuts as HGH prevents muscle breakdown while restricting nutrition (the main problem with cutting) and has a strong fat burning power.

The experiment with women showed that women who ingested HGH burned 30% more fat than women who only had diet restrictions.

Long cycles with relatively low doses are better for bodybuilding than short ones. They are great because you can burn fat without dieting while gaining good muscle gains.

Another advantage – hyperglycemia – growth hormone can induce the division of skeletal muscle cells, which significantly increases their bodybuilding potential. Also, long cycles help to treat skin, nails, and hair better and treat old trauma.

When choosing the duration of the cycle and the dose of HGH, remember that shorter cycles of high doses will have more side effects than long ones. However, prolonged use of HGH increases the risk of antibodies. Animosity significantly reduces the effectiveness of growth hormones.

Dosage and Protocol of HGH (ED, EOD, 3TW)

There are three main protocols for the use of growth hormone: three times a week (3TW), every other day (EOD), and every day (ED). Another option: Divide the daily dose into several injections or take it once.

The ED protocol is the most common and considered the best for bodybuilding because it allows you to maintain a consistent level of GH and IGF-1, which is excellent for fat loss and muscle growth.

However, the EOD protocol has empirically shown that there are better muscle gains. The reasons for this phenomenon are not clear. However, EOD is much worse at cutting this ED, as its free fatty acid content is not uniform and durable. The EOD protocol is often chosen by people who do not have enough money to take in growth hormone daily. If you have no financial problems, run the ED protocol. The EOD protocol is also excellent if you want to go through a long cycle for about six months and avoid diabetes risk.

The 3TW protocol is used in medicine to treat children with GH deficiency. Help reduce antibody formation when you take HGH for several years. 3TW does not adapt to bodybuilding.

Should I divide the daily dose of HGH?

Yes, you must do it for the following three reasons:

Two injections during one day give a sensitive level of GH and IGF-1 so that the fat is burned and the effects of muscle growth are stronger.

Sometimes the liver cannot quickly talk about a large amount of HGH in IGF-1. Our body regulates 5 to 7 HGH secretion peaks during the day, not at one peak. The liver cannot convert all growth hormones into somatomedins; the rest is destroyed. The side effects are milder in this case.

The dosage of HGH and Testosterone: How to choose the dose of HGH?

The correlation will be similar to the following:

Only HGH – 10 IU per day

HGH + insulin – 6-10 IU HGH + 10-15 fast insulin HGH dose

HGH + insulin + testosterone = 5-7 IU HGH + 10-15 IU insulin + 500 mg test-E per week

The more medicines you take, the less medication you need to get results. In the combined cycle, muscle growth is taken over by steroids or insulators, while growth hormone allows you to stay lean and burn fat.

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